Friday, April 2, 2010

NCAA March Madness

Allright first of all it's ridiculous that the NCAA can even consider allowing MORE mediocre teams into the tournament and yet won't allow for a playoff in football.

The latest on the tournament is that they want to increase the field to 96, and offer byes to the top 32 teams.

It's stupid, and it's a complete money grab. Their main argument against a playoff in football is that it would keep students away from classes, yet they have no problems making basketball students miss more time. Basketball teams have road games in the middle of the week, and sometimes play more than one game in a week as well.

Another argument is that it lessens the regular season. They say every week is vital in the regular season for football because if you lose you seriously hurt your chances for winning a title. What they won't admit is that belonging to a conference outside of the SEC or Big 12 is practically a deathblow unless you happen to be USC or Notre Dame. None of the "mid-majors" ever get a fair chance at the title either.

If you want to expand the tourney change the play-in game process to allow best 8 bubble teams to play their way into the field. Give the 4 winners a 12 seed or something and allow the mid major champions the right to play in the full tournament and not against each other in a play-in game.

This allows the bubble teams one last chance to prove they belong in the field by proving it on the court in a playoff situation. You could play the games on the Tuesday after Selection Sunday.

None of these teams could complain about playing an extra game over the others because they wouldn't have made the tournament otherwise.

But to allow 31 more teams in....that's just ridiculous.