Thursday, August 6, 2009

Question about Michael Vick

Given the rumors floating around about the Steelers signing Michael Vick, I just have to ask this question.

Considering how the Steelers annually and quite easily abuse the Browns, wouldn't that be a violation of his probation? In fact...At this point it's hard to understand how the Steelers haven't gone to jail for dog abuse.

Will try to post a longer blog tonight :-)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

All the naysayers about Penn State's Schedule...

I keep hearing how Penn State is afraid to schedule top competition, but what people forget is that Penn State was scheduled to play Alabama last year and this year. It was the Crimson Tide that bailed on playing Penn State, forcing the Nittany Lions to schedule other more inferior teams.

Is Penn State's schedule that much different from Florida's? People kiss the SEC's ass, but are they really that strong of a conference or is it just bias? 8 of the 12 SEC teams finished 7-5 or lower. That's flat out mediocrity, but yet people bill the SEC as this tough conference top to bottom.

The bottom line is that there are only a handful or truly good teams in College Football and they are mostly spread out across the conferences. Some conferences get better reps than others.

Maybe it's time to start scheduling a few games each year based on your standings from the year before. Have the conference champions have to play other conference champions in week 3 or something. Rotate it around. Have some fun with it. At least it might put the end to this ridiculous pissing contest.