Monday, September 7, 2009

Steel City Succos....

I find it amazing that the city I live in and whose teams I root for can provide such a rollercoaster of emotions.

First of all there is the Steelers who just won their 6th Super Bowl title, which is an NFL historical best if you don't count Pre-merger titles. They are run by the classy Rooney family who reward loyalty and patience and do things the right way.

Then we also have the Pittsburgh Penguins who have a young superstar core and are coming off a Stanley Cup Title they won at the hands of the team that denied them the year before. Just a few short years ago they were the worst team in the league, but smart drafting and shrewd moves got this team to the promised land.

Now we come to the focal point of this little rant. The Pittsburgh Pirates today entered the infamous realm of 17 straight losing seasons. In none of the major sports has a franchise been THIS pathetic for THIS long.

I'm still trying to be patient with the current regime because they didn't create this mess. I guess its harder to stomach especially seeing how bad the Penguins were just a short time ago and how fast they turned it around. Of course having an owner that WANTS to win never hurts.

I guess I'm lucky because I actually remember when the Pirates made the playoffs. My nephew is 11 years old and he has never seen what passes as good baseball in his life. Well unless eh watches another team play.

I hope and pray that Pedro Alvarez turns out to be the powerhouse we all hope he is. This team needs a savior and Andrew McCutchen is doing his best impression right now, and lets not discount the huge power Garrett Jones brings to the table.

Please god...Don't let the Pirates suck anymore!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Steelers Roster

Been on vacation and had a shift change at work, so I apologize for the length between blog posts.

Well it only took one play during the Steelers/Panthers Game tonight to tell us who will be returning kicks for the Steelers this year. Welcome aboard Mr. Logan!

It will be interesting to see how the roster shakes down. We have a lot of good RB's this year, and not enough room for all of them. We're also pretty talented at WR as well.

This is what happens when you win a Super Bowl, there's a lot of talent coming back the year afterwards.

Going to be a fun season and I think with Sepulveda back, just about all of our starters returning and now with a dangerous return game. Barring injuries the Steelers have a REALLY good chance of repeating as champions.